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For thirty years Sid Millson has been an educator in Nashville, TN and
Shreveport, LA. He is married to the love of his life, Kathy, and they live on a
small lake in rural middle Tennessee. Although a teacher, Sid will always consider
himself first to be a student.
                                      About the Book

                            Forty Days Through the Bible

                                               ISBN 978-1-935271-61-1
                                            110 Pages, List Price $12.00

This study is designed to last approximately forty days (forty-five if you
include this introduction and the appendices). It is grouped into four sets
of ten studies. Each set is a separate theme. These themes are:
        Ten Important People in the Bible
        Ten Important Events in the Bible
        Ten Important Place in the Bible
        Ten Important Objects in the Bible
By the time you finish this study you will have completely surveyed the
entire Bible and have a good overview of its people, places, and events. But
more importantly, you will have a good idea of the message of the Bible.
If you want to take more time to finish this study that is okay too. It can
take as long as you want it to. Each lesson can be completed in a day, or in
two or three days.
There will be a lot of repetition in this study, but that is also good. It will
help you firmly grasp the concepts covered. Think of it as a spiral
staircase that circles four times by the same painting hanging on a wall.
Each time you pass the painting you can look at a different detail of the
artist’s work. By the time you finish your climb you have had a good and
thorough look at the painting.

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