Ghianni and Dollar
News Brothers
    About the Book
    Two of the last great
    newspapermen, Tim Ghianni and
    Rob Dollar, take readers back to
    the days when newspapers
    actually mattered in America...
    When journalism was about
    making a difference, not making a
    huge profit at the expense of the
    reader... When reporters and
    editors searched for the truth,
    wherever it took them and at
    whatever cost.

Ghianni and Dollar - the Mickey Mantle
and Billy Martin of the newspaper world,
with nearly sixty years of experience
between them at daily newspapers in
Tennessee, Kentucky and North
Carolina - earned reputations in their
careers as award-winning "outlaw"
journalists who always stood up to
wrongdoers and wrong doing.

This book is a story about their love for
newspapers... What went wrong... And
why. It's also about the two long ago
murders that continue to haunt them to
this day.

Their story is dark. It's funny. It's honest.
It's brutal. But most of all, it's the truth -
and in the end, that's all that really
matters to two old newspapermen who
never backed down.
Tim Ghianni
Rob Dollar's
Published by
Westview, Inc.

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