Rick W.
About Living Through Cancer
         by Rick W. Orman

2005 Edition: Perfect bound; 5 x 8 Inches; 156 pages
ISBN: 0-9773179-2-7

Living Through Cancer, Rick Orman brings you along side and
relives his personal battle with cancer. He shows how your faith,
appropriate medical care and wise lifestyle changes are critical to
beating cancer. Among many topics, the book:  
  • examines what successfully worked for Rick
  • provides an overview of the role that the patient, family, friends and your healthcare team play in the recovery
  • includes actual examples of organizations dealing with the needs of patients and their loved ones.

The book also includes twelve appendices that provide helpful information for fighting cancer.

"Rick Orman's inspirational presentation of victory over cancer, his loving use of the Holy Scriptures, his tender
voicing of admiration for his wonderful family, and his blessed trust in the Lord will make everybody's day brighter
as they profitably read this excellent story. Congratulations are due the author, a blessed man of faith with a
championship attitude. I highly commend this work."

                                                 Jim Bill McInteer, Minister & President, 21st Century Christian

"This book gives a personal insight into one person's journey in the battle of the most feared diagnosis - cancer. This
story offers guidance, encouragement, and hope to achieve a meaningful purpose in life. I highly recommend this
book to those who need hope."

                                                 James L. Netterville, M.D., Director of Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery
                                                 Mark C. Smith Professor, Department of Otolaryngology Professor
                                                 Vanderbilt University Medical Center
About the Author

Rick Orman was a cancer survivor from 2000 until his death in 2007. His wish was that
this testimony will provide encouragement, wisdom, direction and hope to all who have
been touched by cancer.

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