Poems of Dreams and Betrayals
        by Adebayo Oyebade

June 2009
ISBN 978-1-935271-11-6
Paperback, 5.5x8.5, 96 Pages
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About the Book

In this volume, Oyebade employs poetry to articulate the reality of the contemporary African
condition. Set in modern Nigeria, the poems are a testimony to the beauty of raised hopes, and
a testament to the tragedy of wounded dreams. Written at different times from the early
1980s, the volume recalls a history where despair and hope intersect, where betrayal stalks
the promise of lofty dreams.

This volume of ballot, bullet, and thunder is Oyebade’s poignant response to the conditions of
pain sown by Nigeria’s ruling elite in the last two decades. This is poetry brimful of promise
and poise; elegant yet scathing; nostalgic yet hopeful of a bright new dawn.
                                                                  Olayinka Agbetuyi, Thames Valley University

In this edifying collection of sweet verse, Oyebade takes us on a depressing excursion into the
Afro-Nigerian world of broken postcolonial dreams, of tyranny, of betrayal, of yawning
social inequalities, and of failed democratic reclamations. The imagery is rich and haunting,
the diction penetrating. The beauty of Oyebade’s poetic intervention is that he uses the same
piercing technique to retrieve the eater of his delicious words from this gloom and plants him
in a world of historical lessons dripping with demise for tyranny and hope for the oppressed.
This is a work of uncommon poetic inspiration.
                                                                  Moses Ochonu, Vanderbilt University
About the Author

Adebayo Oyebade is professor of history at Tennessee State University, Nashville. He holds a Ph.D.
degree in history from Temple University, Philadelphia. His poems and short stories have appeared in
various journals, magazines, and anthologies in Nigeria, the United States, and Europe. His works
have been published in prestigious poetry anthologies including Voices From the Fringe, and
American Poetry Anthology, published by the Association of Nigerian Authors, and the American
Poetry Association respectively. His short story has also been broadcast over the radio. Apart from
literary works, he has published academic books, including Africa After the Cold War: The
Changing Perspectives on Security (co-edited, Africa World Press, 1995); The Transformation of
Nigeria: Essays in Honor of Toyin Falola (Africa World Press, 2006); The Foundations of Nigeria:
Essays in Honor of Toyin Falola (Africa World Press, 2006); and Culture and Customs of Angola
(Greenwood, 2007).

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