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A Child of Tender Years: Hayden's Journey by Joyce M. Jackson

A Father's Gift by Dr. Jennifer Jordan

Behind a Father's Eyes by Richard Clay Forbes

Divorce Is Only Human by Melanie Blievernicht

Fruit Tramps by Bertha Walsh

Fulfilling Your Spouse's Fantasy by Shunekari Harris

Job of Arc by Sophia Ruah

Laughing, Loving, and Learning  by E. D. Thompson

Let There Be Great Teachers  by Thomas C. Jackson

Life Stories by Mark Kennedy

Raising Shane: Foster Care and Adoption of the Special Needs Child
by Kate Rosemary

Saving Our Singles - 101 Ways the Church Can Reach the Single Parent
by Mary Beth Riggins

Spirit of Monterey by Sally Rodes Lee

Vowed to Protect by Marge Zwack Adams