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About the Book

In these times of hyper-partisanship and divisive media it is easy to forget that the faces shouting at us on the screen belong
to human beings just like us.  With both humor and an understanding born of his years of experience in Tennessee state and
local politics, Bob Patton's book reminds us of the human side of politics and government.  It comes to us just in time.   

 P. Joe Corso, Ph.D. East Tennessee State University Political Science Department

I am pleased to be able to recommend this book.   Dr Patton has solicited, edited and organgnized  political stories from
members of the Tennessee  Legislature, the US Congress, individuals in the  executive branch of the State of Tennessee,
lobbyists,  and various other significant indidviduals who had an  association with and interacted with the Tennessee  
Legislature.  These stories include mainly humorous  anectdotes, as well as moving human interest  accounts, personal
ruminations, historical events and  political insights a reader will find entertaining and enjoyable.

George W. Johnson, Ph.D, University of Maryland University College, retired
About the Author

Robert D. “Bob” Patton has served the State of
Tennessee most recently as one of the 2008-2011
Sergeant-At-Arms for the Tennessee House of
Representatives.  From 2004-2008 he was the
Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of State
of Tenessee, and for the ten years prior to that, he
was a member of the Tennessee House of
Representatives.  He has both taught at and Chaired
the Department of Health Education for East
Tennessee State University and has published three
text books along with numerous articles and papers.

Bob Patton's
Books Are
Published by
Westview, Inc.
Tennessee Political
by Robert D. "Bob"

6x9, 238 pages,