Thomas B.
Peake, Jr.
About Unmuzzling the Dogma

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When I was in seminary, one of the professors said, "Always
make your messages understandable to the people in the pews;
but, once a year, preach a message that is 'over their heads' just
to show them that you can." Somehow, I was never able to give
a message "over their heads." As a result, I concentrated on the
"make it understandable" part. The essays and sermon
adap-tations that follow are a part of my attempts to make things
a little more understandable. Hence, my efforts at "unmuzzling
the dogma".
                                                            Thomas B. Peake, Jr.
About the Author

Thomas B. Peake, Jr. was a retired Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) minister
who pastored churches in the Midwest, Southwest, and the West Coast.  During the
Korean War, he served as an Air Force Chaplain.  A native of Missouri, he had science
and education degrees from the University of Missouri, and a Master's degree from
Phillips Theological Seminary.  Between his retirement in 1985 and his death in 2009,
he served as interim pastor of 15 congregations in 5 states, wrote two books, and
published a number of articles in religious journals.

Thomas B.
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