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"There just wasn't/isn't any getting away from it. They tell me,
they tell me, they tell me....that I look like Don Knotts. I didn't
like it. I didn't like it at all. But one night I wore a make-shift
deputy sheriff's outfit to the dance club. Lo and behold,
everyone enjoyed it. And I thought,What? Well, I began to
experiment to find out if maybe there was some value in my
look-alike status. Shazam! There is. People really love the
Barney Fife character, and they can't get enough of it. So I
have taken a few acting classes, and here I am, making the
best that I can of it." - Robert Lee Phillips

Robert Lee Phillips does an unforgettable portrayal of the
famous comedian, Don Knotts, in the tourist town of
Tombstone, Arizona. These pages document some of his best
Don Knots moments, as well as some of the other individuals
doing famous portrayals in this popular destination.
About the Author

On Labor Day 1944, Phillips says, he was brought into the world as just one among
thousands of men named Robert Lee Phillips.  The big difference was that the rest of them
didn't get to spend the next forty years being compared to Barney Fife!  When he's not in
his "lawman" gear, Phillips also enjoys woodworking, country dancing, acting, and public
speaking.  The greatest treasure of all, he says, is the love and friendship he's found along
the way, both in uniform and out.

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