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The Descendants of Samuel Pierson and
Sarah A. White
       by Merry Anne Pierson
2007 Edition: Hardbound case laminate; 428 pages; 7 x 10
ISBN: 1-933912-42-1

This all began when a man who saw my name on a
business card asked if we were related. Sixteen years later,
much e-mail, many research trips, rolls of microfilm, dusty
courthouses, dusty libraries, wrong turns, wrong families
and finally DNA testing produced these results. Along the
way, I've met many new family members, talked to a
number of strangers, and wrote two books about a Pearson
family that wasn't ours. Some of the relatives have passed
away and I wish I had finished this before that happened,
but here it is. I recognize that it's a never-ending project
and will probably result in another volume. This is a
beginning, not an end.
About the Author

Merry Anne Pierson says this about her interest in genealogy: "My interest in genealogy began with a chance meeting
at a craft show. A man looking at the crafts I had for sale picked up my business card and asked me if I was related
to him. Since I was born in Ohio and we were in Nashville, TN, I didn’t think it was possible. “Ohio” seemed to be a
magic word, leading to an hour long conversation that concluded with his sharing copies of research on his family of
Piersons and how they traced back to New Jersey and Massachusetts through Ohio and Pennsylvania. He requested
that I send my information to him if ever I could connect my line to his. My curiosity got the better of me. I was in
the middle of some life changing events that left me with time on my hands so I decided that it might be interesting to
see if we were related. I started by asking my dad and uncle what they could remember. Having done research prior
to this for my education but not having tried genealogy before, I had some learning to do."

Not daunted by the thousands of hours of research required for her first reference work, she has already begun on
her next!

She resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and several large and lovable dogs.
The American Descendants of Lawrence Pearson
       by Merry Anne Pierson

2005 Edition: Hardbound case laminate; 714 pages; 6.14 x 9.24 inches:
ISBN: 0-9764940-3-5

The Descendants of Lawrence Pearson is a genealogical reference work detailing the Pearson
family over a span of 350 years, from about 1645 to the present. Beginning with Lawrence
Pearson, a Quaker from the area near Rotherham in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England,
the references then move to Benjamin Pearson. The Pearsons of Mercer and Lawrence
Counties, PA descend from the immigrant Benjamin Pearson who came to the Colony of
Pennsylvania between 1712 and 1714.

The book is meticulously detailed and the material accurately and thoroughly researched. It
includes over 1,200 footnotes and a three-column, forty-one page name index.

Some of the other family names with numerous references are Bevan, Hunt, Lloyd,
McConnell, McCreary, Pierson, Serrill and Smith.

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