About So What's the Good News?
                   by Andy Polk

2006 Edition
Perfect bound; 116 pages; 5.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBN: 0-9776207-4-3

Have you ever looked at all the pain and injustice in our world
and wondered how anyone could believe in God? Are you
searching for purpose and meaning in life, but are sick of all
the supposed easy formulas and simple steps that so many
people offer? Do you crave spirituality and relationship with God,
but haven't found them - or don't believe you will ever find them -
by simply 'going to Church'?

There is Good News.

This book will not solve all of your problems or answer all of your questions. It will not tell
you how to get everything you want out of life. It will not prove anything, nor attempt to do
so. It will, however, introduce you to an entirely different way to look at and live life than
much of our culture and many of our self-preserving institutions offer. It will introduce you to
a loving, relational, self-sacrificial life that has room for questions, doubt, and uncertainty. And
it will introduce you to the man who makes this life possible. It will tell you some good news.
About the Author

Andy Polk lives in Nashville, Tennessee where he teaches
theology and spirituality classes for high school youth. He will
soon become the husband of a woman far smarter and more
attractive than him and the owner of a very small dog. He is
now, and will always consider himself to be, a lay minister.

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