About Bushpig
by Carol Preston
216 pages; 5.5 x 8.5 inches;Perfect Bound, 2007
ISBN: 1-933912-70-7

So, how do you handle stress? That's a question you will be asking yourself as you read this
book. When do you walk away from a bad situation and when do you dig your heels into the
ground, push up your sleeves, and hit it straight on with everything you've got? What if you
can't walk away? What if you want to kick your own ass for making a big mess of your life?

Bushpig is a story about a couple who purchases an historic house to renovate while they're in
the midst of coping with several personal issues. Somehow they believe that it will be the
common ground that repairs their crumbling relationship. As the story unfolds, not only does
the couple manage the enormous task of remodeling a house that should've been demolished,
they also have financial difficulties, marriage troubles, neighbor problems, and they are dealing
with the death of a family member. As a result, their lives are turned upside down with stress
and grief. They get to the point of madness at times, trying to handle everything that they've
brought onto themselves. So sit back and allow yourself to imagine being in the same
situation. How much self control could you have in similar conditions? How close to the edge
can you be pushed?  

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Published by
Westview, Inc.
Trying to make sense of it all, Mary stared
at the ceiling. Outside, she heard crickets
chirping and smiled a  little thinking about
Doc calling her "Trichet". For all I know,
I imagined that, too.

Unable to sleep, she sat up in bed and
looked out the window. She made a wish
on a star that she would see her friend
again someday.

She also wished that her brother was dead.

ISBN 978-1-935271-46-8
201 pages, Softcover, $15.95
About the Author

Carol Preston lives in Middle Tennessee with her husband and young son, works full
time in employee benefits, occasionally buys and sells real estate on the side, and she
squeezes in a little time to write.  

Carol has an affinity for telling stories that are somewhat on the dark side.  She especially
loves developing character dialogue.  
Trichet is her second novel and for sure will not be
her last.  In fact, it's certain she has the title to her next book already picked out...