Addendum 1

Publishing Options                                                                

For books meeting the publishing guidelines contained in Addendum 3:
Perfect Bound Publishing
    (paperback, black and white interior) $ 999
    (paperback, color interior) $1099
Hardcover Publishing
    (case or dust jacket, black and white interior) $1099
    (case or dust jacket, color interior) $1199
Both Hardcover and Perfect Bound Publishing of Same Book
    (black and white interior) $1249
    (color interior) $1349

For books presented in other formats (voice recording, typed,
The Works
    Up to 100,000 words typed and proofread,
    up to 50 images scanned and inserted,
    in either paperback or case laminate $3500

∇ One of our Pre-press Specialists will give you one-on-one custom
support for your project.
∇ A non-exclusive contract where you retain full rights.
∇ Fast-turnaround time on your manuscript preparation.
∇ Formatting of your word processing file for conversion to a printer
ready digital file which can also be downloaded as a PDF file.
∇ Inclusion of up to 25 digital images or photographs.
∇ A full-color custom, original cover design designed to meet your
criteria, including back cover story summary, AUTHOR bio, and fullcolor
AUTHOR photo.
∇ ISBN number and barcode provided for you.
∇ If printed in one of the standard sizes, arrangements made for listing
the book on and submission to Bowker Books in Print and the
Ingram Book catalog. This will make your book available for order
through the over 25,000 bookstores that purchase from Ingram Books.
∇ Low prices on AUTHOR copies.
∇ One author's proof and one advance copy for pre-press review.
∇ Work will be featured on our web site as a new release.
∇ Internet marketing through a web page dedicated to the AUTHOR’s works,
as well as though our online bookstore at
∇ Two complimentary books for you to send to the Library of Congress.

Ebook Publishing
    (Ebook publishing only) $449
    (as an add-on to one of the above plans) $300
∇ Preparation of your text-only manuscript in PDF, Kindle and Epub
versions, including a digital front cover image.
∇ Separate ISBN’s for the Kindle and Epub versions

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