Dr. Richard
About Faith Under Fire
by Dr. Richard Randolph

Edition: 200 pages; 6 x 9 inches; Perfect Bound, 2007
ISBN: 1-933912-48-0

Dr. Randolph's book is a testimonial to the determination and
courage that a Christian can find when faith in God is turned to
for strength in the face of overwhelming difficulties. "'Faith
Under Fire' is not your ordinary autobiography. What you will
read in these pages is from real life. Only the power of a mighty
God working in the life of a faithful, committed servant of His
could have made these accounts of the life of Dr. Richard
Randolph possible. Dr. Randolph's earning a doctorate degree
while going through multiple job changes, having limited finances,
enduring extremely difficult health problems, and facing major
distractions and disappointments is miraculous in itself. Only a
gracious Lord along with a faithful and supportive wife, Billie, and
a loving family, has Richard reached his senior years to share his
story with each of us." - From the foreword by James Chatham,
Retiree, LifeWay Christian Resources
About the Author

"Richard Randolph writes his story of hardships, triumphs, and grace with a pen and a heart
touched by God.  his honest account of sickness and suffering, and the ability to rise above
will move all who read this book.  Be ready to be inspired with renewed faith and praise for
our Heavenly Father."
Martha Matthews, Co-Owner, Brides Dream

"Richard Randolph's moving story is one of courage and hope.  He gives an open and
honest portrayal of the joys and challenges of keeping his faith through life's ups and downs.
His story reminds us that the spiritual journey involves both blessings and trials.  His keen
understanding of the hopes and fears we all share will bring new insights to us on our own
journeys.  This book will be an inspiration to anyone interested in living a spiritual life."      
Mark Phillips, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Richard
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