Apostle/Pastor Jimmy Rawlins has taken much time to reflect on the past and the future to create this book by the power
of the Holy Spirit. It is a true blessing to have someone who has been in ministry for decades share his life experiences,
both good and bad, so that we would not have to reinvent the wheel every step of the way. Jim is a dear friend, and I
know the tender heart that he has toward God and for those who have never experienced the deeper things of God. When
I watch and listen to him minister, I know that it is not about Jim but about his God. Those of us who have been in
ministry for decades can read in between the lines of his pain and triumph. In this book, he attempts to leave no one
behind, both the young Christian can travel with Jim on a journey from the Garden of Eden to the deeper things of God
and seasoned warriors can share in stories that remind us of our past and direct us to our future. The chapter on seasons
really spoke to my heart because this entire last year seemed to be a season of constant transitions and there is comfort in
knowing that we are not the only ones going through these seasons, questioning our call. As I read his writings, it's hard
to imagine there was a day that He didn't move in the prophetic realm soaking up as much Glory as possible. Today he
flows so freely in the prophetic realm that I can't imagine what it was like for him to only have the Logos and not the
Rhema. In reading this book, I cannot help but wonder how many people, who read this book, will be set free from
tradition and grab hold of a radical God in a new way. In this book, you will meet Jim and you will find it is like
meeting someone you have known for a long time. Jim has been there, got the tee shirt and now his focus is only to seek
the deeper truths of God so that he may bring treasures back to his people. He is a man who has nothing to prove, but
wants to chase hard after God, turn cities upside down for Jesus and introduce everyone to the Holy Spirit, while basking
in God's presence. I trust that you will be blessed by experiencing this book.
                                          Dominic Sola, Founder/President, Christ Intervention Ministries. Int.
   About The Kingdom:
          Yesterday, Today, and Forever
    Paperback, 6x9, 120 pages,
    ISBN 9781933912608

We live in a time of great change. Change is the one
constant we will experience as a believer and leader.
Jim Rawlins story of how God has changed him is
presented with transparency that allows the reader to
see past the veneer of ministry and into the reality of
a man being changed and repositioned so he
advances the Kingdom of God. Jim's revelation of the
Kingdom and his call for Kingdom thinking in the
Church is one every leader must embrace. He presents
a clear word that as we gain insight into the
Kingdom, we get greater revelation of the King
Himself and this in turn changes us while positioning
us to change all of creation. Enjoy!

Dr. Hope Taylor, International Leadership Embassy,
Washington D.C.
About the Author

Jimmy is senior pastor of The River in Lake City, Florida where he lives with his
wife Neva. He is dedicated to training in the areas of prayer and spiritual warfare.
Jimmy and Neva have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. He and Neva have been in
ministry since 1972 serving in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Romania. They
have started three churches which are thriving ministries today.

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