About Raising Shane:
     Foster Care & Adoption
          of the Special Needs Child

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If you are thinking about fostering or adoption, this is a good book to start with. It doesn't offer beautiful pictures of
waiting infants or angelic toddlers. Those, you can get from any agency. Instead, in fifty-two short chapters on
different topics related to adoption and foster care, this book invites you to consider and prepare for realistic
possibilities your agency may not think to mention. This book is written from the point of view of a foster and
adoptive parent who has found the experience to be fulfilling, rewarding, gratifying, and exhausting! Each thought-
provoking topic is illustrated with a poignant example from the author's life, and followed by worksheets on which the
reader is challenged to provide his or her own perspectives in response.

In the thirty years between 1977 and 2007, the author parented one birth son, two stepsons, three foster daughters, one foster
son, and three adopted sons. Most of these young people presented with some combination of characteristics that put them in a
category known as "special needs" or "hard to place." These characteristics included being older than five at the time of
placement (the youngest was six and the oldest eighteen), being in a racial minority (one daughter and one son), and being part
of a sibling group (the two youngest brothers). Their medical and psychiatric diagnoses include Posttraumatic Stress Disorder,
Reactive Attachment Disorder, Major Depression, Physical Abuse, Manic Depression with Psychotic Episodes, Hemophilia that
resulted in AIDS from a blood transfusion, Multiple Personality Disorder (now known as Disassociative Identity Disorder),
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Addiction, Sexual Abuse, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
Disorder, Borderline Intellectual Functioning, Sociopathy, Hypertension, Failure to Thrive, Hearing Impairment, Rickets, and
Polycystic Kidney Disease. Some of the stories are funny. Some are tragic. All are true.

“In this refreshingly honest book, the prospective parent is given not only the realistic view of what could happen, but also a
real-life example and a challenge to prepare for when that day eventually happens in one’s own home.  Foster and adoptive
parents come into these situations with an altruistic idea of how it’s going to be, even despite what the textbooks tell us to
expect.  When I was doing foster care I could have really used Rosemary’s down-to-earth approach.  I would have not only read
this book through – I would have kept it on my reference shelf for when times got difficult.”
                                                                         Margie Queen, Teacher and Former Foster Parent of Hard-to-Place Kids

“I have read every word, savoring it page-by-page.  It is wonderful.  The scheme is perfect – some theoretical wisdom, then the
story, and then thought provoking questions for the actual or prospective foster or adoptive parent.  The stories are often grim,
sometimes heart-lifting, and there are funny moments, too.  It is an amazing document – a hopeful sign in a too frequently
discouraging world.”
                                                                         Martha Whitmore Hickman, author of Healing After Loss

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