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The Rockwells (Rockholds) of Fayette County, Pennsylvania
by Peggie Dobson Sides

2006 Edition: Hardbound Case Laminate; 296 pages; 6.14 x 9.21 inches
ISBN: 1-933912-39-1

This book is a straight-forward surname genealogy.
It follows the family of Rockhould (immigrant ancestor,
Robert, and his son, Thomas, both signed their name
with the "u" in the name) to Fayette County, Pennsylvania,
where one descendant changed his name from Rockhold
to Rockwell. The name has been Rockwell ever since.
Of course, there are other descendants that moved to
various parts of the country that maintained the name of
Rockhold. In addition, one of the descendants that migrated
to Tennessee, had such a flourishing handwriting, that the
tail of the "d" swept around and crossed the top bar of the
letter. From that time the family was known as Rockholt
(family tradition).

Finally, one of the descendants that had about 90 slaves,
and followed the Quaker teachings that slavery was inhuman,
freed all of his slaves and gave them part of his plantation so
that they would not be a burden to society. A large number
of these freed slaves also adopted the name of Rockhold.
This book only follows those that came through Fayette
County, Pennsylvania. The family lines are included to the
10th generation, where possible. No living persons are included, because of security theft
possibilities. Documentation was included with each name, because many family historians
hate to flip back and forth from text to footnotes.

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