About America Now: Poems, Prayers & Stories

2004 Edition
Perfect bound; 106 pages; 6 x 9 inches
ISBN: 0-9755646-3-3

"The horizon fading below the Atlantic's gray waves/ appears
to tell only of stories past/ because the sun glides over and
away toward the west,/ leaving the promise and prophecy of
tomorrow to a distant land," begins the author's lament in this
collection's final poem Eternal New York. But this is not the
end, but the beginning. In America Now, we find a country
worth fighting for in its simple natural beauty, its faith in God,
and its ability to imagine a world where New Jerusalem has


“Gregor Southard is a gifted writer and a spiritual thinker.
His ability to mold words into evocative expressions of faith is a remarkable gift of God.”
                                                 –Kathryn Darden, Christian Activities

“Gregor Southard’s poetry has a restorative power for both the mind and the spirit.”
                                                 –Mark St. Germain, playwright

“[Southard’s first book Soul Narratives] represents an impressive imaginative effort. It offers
encouragement and guidance for all who sense the need to be headed in a significant
                                                 –Max Keith Sutton, Emeritus Professor of English
                                                   The University of Kansas
About the Author

Gregor Southard has worked in theatre, opera, and the music industry for the past
sixteen years and is currently the Production Manager for the Ryman Auditorium in
Nashville, Tennessee.

He was recently the featured speaker at the Fall meeting of the Friends of the Library in
his hometown. His poetry has appeared in several art shows along with award winning
artist Michael Hager's mono prints. He has given readings across the country from
Nevada to Maine.
The Myth of the Morning Star

2005 Edition
Perfect bound; 112 pages; 5.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBN: 0-9773179-8-6

NOTES FROM A POET'S JOURNAL: Poems are soul narratives. Each poem in
this collection provides a glimpse into the author's heart and soul. And what will be
found in the dimly lit halls of the temple? A soul on its knees, reaching out in
alternating fits of despair and joy toward the hope and promise that the bright
Morning Star brings. . .

"Gregor really knows how to captivate you and stir up your imagination. I found
myself totally absent from the real world around me. I could actually feel that wind
and see the leaves and hear the cries. Wow! This work is hypnotic! What a great
           Jennifer Herron, Morning Show Co-Host, 650am WSM, Nashville, TN

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