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Commonsense Grammar & Style - The Textbook
          by Philip Sparks

2003 Edition: Perfect bound;184 pages; 8.25 x 11 inches
ISBN: 0-9748730-2-0

Common Sense Grammar and Style was written with the business
professional in mind. It will help you, the professional, write better
letters and memorandums. It will help you avoid common errors,
organize your messages, express yourself clearly, and find more
information when you need it. It will teach you the basic survival

The emphasis in Common Sense Grammar and Style is always on
simplicity. When several approaches to a common problem are
possible, this book presents the least complicated and the most
consistent. If you follow it’s advice, you will be on safe ground,
but you must realize that other good writers may choose other
correct solutions.

The textbook provides a concise overview of rules for correct
grammatical usage and the elements of writing style. It covers a
broad range of topics that include: subject-verb agreement, the
semicolon, capitalization, comparatives and superlatives,
emphasizing important information, organizing letters and
proofreading skills.

This is a great tool for business professionals who want to
improve their writing skills without spending a semester at the
local community college.
Commonsense Grammar & Style - The Workbook
          by Philip Sparks

2003 Edition: Perfect bound; 72 pages; 8.25 x 11 inches
ISBN: 0-9748730-1-2

This workbook accompanies the textbook, Common Sense Grammar and Style - English for
Professionals, written by the same author. It contains twenty-two extensive exercises, dealing
with possessive forms, punctuation, hyphenation and simple clarity in writing. It also has letter
format examples and a handy reference page of proofreaders marks. Any writers working
their way through this book are guaranteed to improve their writing skills!

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