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About The Albermarle Quest

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The Darkness looms over all. Survival of the
Conclave is in doubt. Baolsun was relieved
when the torturous deliberations ended. He
needed to confront Keruse, his adversary, who
with undue speed had headed out of the gallery.
At the cave's entrance, on a narrow walkway,
the Vice Elder grabbed Keruse' arm and spun
him around. "Why, Keruse? Why have you
chosen to destroy Eben? In front of the elders,
you have deemed to set yourself against Maure
and myself! The act of cruel defiance will
destroy the Conclave!" Baolsun's emotions of
fear and desperation brought a smile to Keruse.
"Baolsun, sometimes you amaze me. I don't
want to destroy the Conclave, but to rid it of
weak leaders, beginning with you. Maure, dolt
that he is, is merely your pawn." Baolsun
loosed his grip on Keruse' arm as if it were a
vile appendage. Enrage, the Vice Elder cried,
"That is an evil lie! I now see where your
allegiance falls, Keruse!" Keruse turned quickly,
walking away from Baolsun's anger. His plan
was working marvelously.
About the Author

Ursula P. Spence is a middle school teacher in a small Catholic school in rural Middle
Tennessee.  Her first love and specialty is language arts, especially adolescent and teen
literature.  “My commitment in teaching and writing is to connect students to ‘story’ in a
very spiritual, emotional, and intellectual way so as to give them a deep love for literature.  I
have seen it happen in many of my students, some of whom came to me as reluctant
readers.  Good literature nourishes the soul.  Every one of us needs that.”

Miss Spence lives on a small farm with her family and a menagerie of animals that give her
creative sustenance.

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