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These quotes were written to remind my sons of all the
things I tried to instill in their hearts while growing up. In
training them in the way they should live, I wanted them
to know that wisdom is more important than material
things. With outside forces being so strong, it is critical
to strengthen our children inside.

The title of the book says it all because the content is a
little that shares a lot. It is also simple enough for all to
understand and broad enough to cover a lot of life's
lessons for ages from birth to over 100.

Hopefully, my sons have absorbed the wisdom that I
have shared with them in the same way I sponged what
my parents shared with me. I trust that everyone reading
this book will relate to some of the material presented,
enjoy the wit and wisdom, and find something useful for
living their own lives.

For best results, a recommended dosage of the thoughts
and wisdom herein is to read one of the fifty-two Wee
Wisdoms with your children and your family for an
entire week, along with the scripture references. Then
reflect and discuss the meaning as a group. In this
manner, each Wee Wisdom will have time to soak in and
be fully absorbed. You and your family may very well
develop related thoughts of your own.
About the Author

Terri L. Strong is a 45-year old lifelong native Memphian and the youngest of 10 children
born to Mr. and Mrs. James Strong. A divorced mother of two sons, Andre and Cameron,
Terri graduated from Memphis State University in 1989 with a Bachelors Degree in Business
Administration. She is a fifteen year veteran with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office where
she served as an officer and supervisor in the Jail Division and is currently a Detective in the
Internal Affairs Office.

Ms. Strong is the founder of Basic Intervention for New Direction, a non-profit organization
which provides a social educational program for youth and parents. She is also a board
member of the Neighborhoods USA Organization (NUSA), a national grass roots
organization established to help build better communities. Most of all, she is a born-again
believer in Jesus Christ and is currently in ministerial studies in the African Methodist
Episcopal Church. Her home church is Ward Chapel A.M.E. Church in Memphis,

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