The Little Mountain Princess

Paperback, 8.5x8.5, 32 pages, color, $12.95

“We are going to Great Grandma’s house today. It will take a long time to get there,” my
Mother told me at breakfast this morning.

This will be a new adventure for me. Mother said Great Grandma lives in the big tall
mountains and I will climb a mountain all the way to the top. I will be the Mountain Princess!
This will be my biggest adventure ever.

So begins the first in a series of delightful children’s stories centered upon the adventures of
Cyndi and her wonderfully supportive family.

Cynthia Thomas immediately captures your heart with Fluffy and her adorable little puppies
that accompany Cyndi on her quest up the mountain to fulfill her wish of becoming the Little
Mountain Princes.

Before she begins her grand adventure, Cyndi receives several hiking gifts from her mother
and father, and a special surprise from Great Grandma that every princess needs.

Along the way, Cyndi meets some of the animals living in the sweetly flowered meadows and
grassy hillsides. They soon become the subjects of the kind mountain princess.

Parents and children alike will be warmly engaged by Ms. Thomas’ charming tale of little
Cyndi, her family, and her animal friends who all become delightful participants in little Cyndi’
s biggest adventure.
About the Author

Cynthia Thomas grew up on a farm in Tennessee until high school, when we she
moved to the city. When her two older boys were in middle and high school she
joined the Air Force. While in the service she gave birth to her third child, a little
girl. After leaving the Air Force, she returned to Tennessee. Her poem “End OF The
Rainbow” was published in the poem book Carvings in Stone. Her dream has
always been to write a series of children’s books. Little Mountain Princess is the
first in a series about little Cyndi’s adventures and in her next book Cyndi goes to
the beach. These delightful stories can be enjoyed by all children who dream of
exciting adventures in their roads through life.  

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