About Nashville Nostalgia

2003 Edition: Perfect bound; 304 pages ; 6.14 x 9.21 inches
ISBN: 0-9744322-3-7

"Just like the old fashioned coffee named after a famous Nashville hotel, this collection
of precious recollections maintains its satisfying flavor to the very end."

When you browse through this lovely book of memory and historical reference, you
will discover many things about both the author and the city he was raised in, still
resides in, and loves dearly. Nashville Nostalgia provides a cornucopia of wonderful
stories and anecdotes about Nashville, Tennessee. Stories range from the early days of
the Nashville Music industry, to famous theatres and restaurants, to train stations and
sports teams.

This valuable, keepsake book, chock-full of Nashville's nostalgia, includes an extensive
index, old photos, and interesting facts not found in Tennessee history books.
E. D.
About The Nashville Nostalgia Years

2005 Edition: Perfect bound; 444 pages; 6.14 x 9.21 inches
ISBN: 0-9773179-4-3

E.D. Thompson's first two Nashville Nostalgia books offered wonderful reminiscences of
(mostly) twentieth-century Nashville. However, his latest book, The Nashville Nostalgia
Years, is a colossal indexing of Nashville history spanning more than 260 years. This
catalogue of time will transport the reader back to the Nashville of the nineteenth and even
eighteenth centuries, as well as to the Nashville which exists in the memories of readers, their
parents, and their children. The Nashville Nostalgia Years journeys, year by year, through the
remarkable history of this beloved city. Along the way, sixty-six nostalgic essays elaborate on
memorable people, places, and events.

“I look forward to E.D. Thompson’s Nashville Nostgalgia every week and anxiously await
publication of his third book. Having grown up in the same neighborhood with the author, I
know material included to be authentic and always colorful reading.”
                                      Hillard Brown, West End High School, Class of 1943

“It was fine to visit with you at Davis-Kidd Booksellers, and I continue to enjoy your great
books and columns in the Westview. You’re doing an exemplary public service, and we’re
Hal R. Ramer, Ph.D., Founding president, Vol State Community College, Gallatin, TN
About the Author

E.D. Thompson holds advanced degrees in music from George Peabody College and has taught in public
schools and colleges. He was a professional musician from the 1940's on, playing clarinet with the Nashville
Symphony, jazz with big bands, as as Choir Director for a number of churches in the Nashville area.

Readers of The Westview newspaper have enjoyed his writing as a featured columnist with the paper for the
past six years. His fascinating stories of Nashville are also weekly features on the Vanderbilt University radio

He and his wife Sonia have two children and four grandchildren, and live in Nashville, Tennessee. "Nashville
Nostalgia" is E.D.'s third book.

"E.D.'s columns lift my vision to nobler heights to reflect on the tranquil lives of such people as Fay and Bill
Thompson and Louis Nicholas. E.D. grabs us and forces us to acknowledge gratitude to teachers of the past
who were good people first of all, who loved their students, and who were thoroughly knowledgeable in their
fields of learning."
                              Carolyn Le Fay Forlines, Ph.D., Nashville, TN

"I spent many years growing up in Nashville and thoroughly enjoy recalling the memories he invokes of my
younger years."
                              Jerry Perella, Dickson, TN
About Laughing, Loving, and Learning
                      What We Want Our Grandchildren to Know

2006 Edition: 272 pages; 6.14 x 9.21 inches; Perfect Bound
ISBN: 1-933912-51-0

Laughing, Loving, and Learning, What We Want Our Grandchildren to Know, is written by the
author of three Nashville nostalgia books published by Westview Publishing and was written
with all age groups in mind. Young people should learn many things about which they have no
knowledge, as well as many life lessons to be learned. Middle-aged people should enjoy the
many stories and be personally inspired with pages laced with humor and love. Older people
should enjoy the nostalgia while looking back at their own life lessons.

Everyone should enjoy the many autobiographical stories from a writer who has lived more
than eight decades through the Great Depression, school days, World War II, and served as a
teacher, minister of church music, and professional musician through most of his life. He
experienced and writes about the Golden Age of Radio, the Golden Age of the Big Bands, and
the Golden Age of Television of which he was a part.

This book, addressed to his five grandchildren, reveals to them, and hopefully to all readers,
that times together and memories are the rewards of love. The last section of the book, titled
"Out of the mouth of babes," involves more than 130 expressions from his grandchildren when
they were young, which will bring to you tears of joy or hysterical laughter.
About More Nashville Nostalgia

2004 Edition: Perfect bound; 306 pages; 6.14 x 9.21 inches
ISBN: 0-9755646-7-6

Welcome to E. D. Thompson’s second collection of facts and memories about the Nashville
that we remember. If you read Nashville Nostalgia, then you know that you are about to add
to the knowledge and happiness that you derived from that book. If this volume is your first
look back at the Nashville of your childhood and your parents’ childhood, then you are
about to embark on a journey through the history of a city like no other. More Nashville
Nostalgia will remind you why Nashville is called the Athens of the South and Music City
USA, where your favorite department stores and movie theatres were located, when
Hillsboro High School burned down, what big bands played in Nashville, and who Alfred
Leland Crabb, Louis Nicholas, Jere Baxter, Ken Bramming, and Bettie Page were.

On every page is a name, a food, a street, or a pastime which will spark a happy memory—
and for the parts which are new to you, this book will make you wish you had known
them! My father’s love for the past is infectious, and you will find yourself sharing his
wistful reverence for those sights and sounds which will never come again but which will
never leave our memories and our hearts. The only treasure more valuable than Nashville
nostalgia is more Nashville nostalgia!

Jeff Thompson
“Bob and I just finished reading More Nashville Nostalgia, and we enjoyed
it very much. I bought two copies to send to my brothers for their April
                                              Eloise and Bob Taylor, Bellevue, TN

E. D.
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Westview, Inc.
About Rose in the Snow
6.4x9.21m 232 pages, perfect bound, $19.95
ISBN 978-1-937763-01-5

Rose in the Snow is an historical novel of the Golden Age of Radio. It is a romantic
novel. It is a novel revealing multiple nostalgic memories in the style of other
nostalgia books by the same author.

When Bunny and Arnie Westlake in this novel pulled back their living room curtain
in their home nestled in the beautiful hills of Nashville, Tennessee, and focused on
their neighbors, they had no idea what excitement, joys, drama, and struggles
would fill their lives.

Neighbors Ressie Snow and his wife, Rosie, live their past memories through the
Golden Age of Radio, and future experiences as devoted friends of Bunny and
Arnie on Pennywell Mountain. The lives of these fictional characters extend from
the 1920s through the 1990s.

This historical novel blends the spiritual aspect of lives into a love story. The gift of
love blesses but stretches lives in many directions.