Ten Step
Time Line
Just Ten Steps to Publication       

1. Review the agreement. Please feel free to call us if you have questions.

2. Complete the agreement by filling in all blanks. Initial and/or sign each page.
Make and keep a copy for your records, and return the other copy with your

3. Either e-mail your files or enclose a CD with your return mailing.

4. We’ll put your manuscript into the queue. It will take 2-3 weeks before you
get a draft of your layout.

5. We will undoubtedly be communicating several times during this period
regarding photos, cover design, and other issues.

6. We’ll prepare an author’s proof (printed double-sided on 8.5x11 paper) for
your review. Please remember that corrections to the layout are made at our
expense; if you request corrections to your text block, those corrections and
any necessary adjustments to the layout will be made at your expense, as
detailed in the Book Publishing Agreement.

7. After you are finished making your corrections to the author’s proof, mail or
bring it back to us and we will transfer those corrections to our computer file.

8. Once any corrections are complete, we’ll submit the manuscript to our
printer and they will print an advance copy of your bookstore quality book,
completely bound. This will take approximately five to ten days from the point
at which we submit the manuscript to the printer.

9. After we examine the advance copy to make sure it meets our specifications,
it will be mailed to you for your review. With it, we will include a release that
must be returned or e-mailed to us approving the advance copy, or you may
send additional changes which will be made at your expense. Charges will
include the additional fees required for resubmission to the printer as detailed
in the Book Publishing Agreement.

10. Once we have received your approval of the advance copy, we’ll be ready to
print however many copies you need. It will take one to two weeks after an
order is placed for the books to be shipped to your home address.
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