About Doug Underwood: Boy Reporter
        by Doug Underwood
        edited by Paula Underwood Winters

2003 Edition: Perfect bound; 116 pages; 6.14 x 9.21 inches
ISBN: 0-9744322-8-8

These are the memoirs of a Nashville news reporter and photographer. During Doug Underwood's life, he
worked at the Nashville Banner, The Columbia Daily Herald, WLAC-TV and WSM-TV in Nashville,
Tennessee. He also worked for Bill Brock, Nat Winston and Winfield Dunn, prominent Tennessee
politicians. He started his own weekly community newspaper, The Westview, in the Bellevue area of
Nashville in 1978.

After joining a local writer’s group, he started writing the stories Paula Underwood Winters had grown up
hearing about. They were stories about his early days working as a news photographer and reporter. He
wrote about covering the burning of the Maxwell House Hotel and helping police catch an illegal
abortionist. He also wrote about covering a tragic, well publicized murder as well as more humorous
incidents during his career.

Ms. Winters compiled these stories along with photographs taken of him and by him to create his
memoirs. These assembled works were the only stories he had finished prior to his death in 1995.
About the Author

Doug Underwood, an avid history buff all his life, was firmly entrenched in the Bellevue area since moving his
family to Buffalo Road in July of 1963. He started his career in journalism with the Nashville Banner in 1949.
From there he went to the Daily Herald in Columbia, Tennessee as a photographer, sports writer, feature
writer, etc.

When television came to Nashville, Doug tried his hand at TV reporting and became a highly-regarded news
reporter for both WLAC-TV and WSM-TV. After a brief stint in the world of politics, he started what is
every newspaper man's "dream" -- his own weekly newspaper - The Westview, in 1978. His love of the
Bellevue Community and his having been a viable contributor to its growth, prompted his writing of this
history. His earnest hope was that it would give enjoyment to those who read it.

"Doug Underwood: Boy Reporter" was edited by his daughter, Paula Underwood Winters. Ms. Winters is
Editor ot the Westview newspaper and is currently working on an Adventure/Mystery novel that should be
released in 2004.
A History of Bellevue and Surrounding Areas
                 by Doug Underwood

1998 Edition: Perfect bound; 150 pages; 8 x 6 inches
Limited edition of 5000

Any history must begin with the earliest events, and this little
book will give those facts. But because Bellevue's population
has grown so explosively during the past three decades, it was
decided that this book would not only give a picture of the area
200 years ago, but would also chronicle more recent milestones
in the area's development. These would include the completion
of the Memphis to Bristol highway (Highway 70-South) in
1927, the bringing of electricity in 1935, (some areas, such as
Centennary didn't get electricity until after World War II, in the
mid 1940's), the opening of the Harpeth Valley Utility District in
1963, the closing of Bellevue's high school in 1980, and other
events that have made an impact on the community.  

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