Maggie (Margaret)
It was 1862 when a 17 year old Margaret
Nichol Vaulx, growing up during a time of great
national strife, wrote the words, “that I may be
in after years an ornament to society and the
delight of my dear parents.”  She came of age
during the American Civil War and has left us writings which are that very ornament which
she so prophetically spoke of. Margaret (known as Maggie) was indeed the delight of her
dear parents and of future Vaulx generations. Maggie’s journals have been described as both
national and state treasures and as one Belmont University journalism instructor said, “she
can be compared to a Civil War Anne Frank.”       

In 1961, Ross Hudgin's grandfather, Earl W. Marshall, was getting ready to tear down an
old barn. Before the barn could be removed, the contents had to be taken out. While
removing those things, several crates of old books were found and thrown aside.  Being a
lover of anything looking old,
eleven-year-old Ross opened the crates and found assorted
volumes of mostly nonfiction books.  Most importantly, there were four volumes of the
personal journals of Maggie N. Vaulx. Very quickly, these caught h
is eye and after some
quick negotiations with h
is grandfather, Ross went into the barn-tearing-down business for
the wages of 2 crates of old books. A great deal for h
is grandfather; but for Ross, a treasure
which h
e has held on to for almost fifty years and now publishes for the world to read.

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