Walter West
When Your Success Is On the Line
Fundamental Lessons for Reaching Your
Personal and Business Potential
ISBN 978-1-935217-22-2
Paperback, 5.5x8.5, 246 pages

"When I think about multitasking and what
people believe they can accomplish, the end
result looks a lot like self-inflicted ADD."

"Becoming a leader is not an event, it's a
process, a journey on which you will grow.  
As you grow as a leader, so will the lives you

"Risks are inherent in everything we do.  
Every time we cross the street or climb behind
the wheel of a car, and certainly any time we
run a business, we face risks.  Some we can
control, some we can avoid, and others we
have to deal with."

                                        Dr. Walter West
 When Your Success Is On the Line
About the Author

Dr. Walter West sold his private practice and currently has a successful career
as a professional speaker, facilitator, and business consultant.  He has presented
to audiences across the United States and thirteen countries on five continents.  
Dr. West's down-to-earth lessons on business principle communication skills and
customer service have proven to be an advantage in any business.

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