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About Bibles, Science and Sanity

Bibles, Science and Sanity is an insightful account
of the endless conflict between science and religion.
With wit, clarity and scholarship, the author
addresses the real value of religion, the appalling
claims of fundamentalists, the trap of
fundamentalism and religious commercialism. He
compares historically the dismal failure of
theocracies with the progress afforded by science.
As a practicing Christian and a retired scientist, the
author embraces the values of religion but examines
Scripture realistically to document that science and
religion serve us only as separate entities. Bibles,
Science and Sanity reviews the nature of science,
the religious thoughts of others, the religious
misbehavior of many and the value of personal
belief as professed by our Founding Fathers. It is a
construct for citizens who are concerned with the
relentless demands of dogmatists that religion must
define history, science and government

6x9, 168 Pages, $14.95
About the Author

A native of Indiana, Richard White with his wife resides in Tennessee, where he retired as
Professor Emeritus, College of Medicine, University of Tennessee.  In academia, Dr. White
received six teaching awards, authored one hundred and seventy-three research articles, twenty
book chapters, and after retirement,
Bibles, Science and Sanity.  He worked a year in England, and
his research took him to nine foreign countries.  Dr. White's biography appears in
The Rise of  
a history published in 1998.

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