Richard White
About Zeros and Heroes of Business

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ISBN: 0-9773179-5-1

"Throughout the history of business practices in the Unites States, we have been inundated
with many books concerning the way we ought to conduct business. Most of these books
contain schools of thought that promise positive results if one follows better business
practices. These books pretend to understand and explain business practices of corporate
America; however, these books lack the science that explains and differentiates good and/or
bad business practice outcomes. This book is structured differently. It is about my personal
business experiences as an insider working with both the amazingly brilliant business people
as well as the galactically inane. The case studies sited in this book relate to personal
experiences and the application of science management. The reader will not be inundated with
espoused theoretical commentary brought about by an armchair philosophy or academic
conjecture. The case studies in this book contain interoffice memorandums and other related
items pertaining to the business practices of several fortune 500 companies as well as State
Medicaid bids in the area of healthcare computer technology. The reason for the inclusion of
these business documents is for the reader to test the inferences for statistical significance
and have the reader draw their own conclusions concerning management practices. This is
not outside looking in; it is about inside speaking out."
About the Author

Dr. Thurman Richard White, Ed.D., MA, AS, has
had a long career in business management, both as
leader in an established corporate culture, and as
an entrepreneur in newly established businesses.  
He currently resides in the Nashville, Tennessee
area, teaching and working as an information
services professional.

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