Who Can Benefit From Print On Demand?

Unpublished Authors
The struggle to get your work accepted by a traditional publishing house can be
overwhelming. Authors can experience seemingly endless submissions to editors whose
reasons for rejection may have nothing to do with the quality of work. Traditional self-
publishing can offer a solution, but requires buying and storing hundreds or even thousands
of copies of your book. However, self-publishing with Westview's print-on-demand services
allows you to maintain your editorial integrity without having to invest in an inventory of
pre-printed books.

Authors With New Works
If you've already discovered the benefits of being self-published and have a new work, we can
help you with high-quality publishing services. We also have one of the best author book
purchase plans in the business.

Genealogists and Family Historians
For a limited edition work, traditional small print runs can still be far too costly to permit
publication of a genealogical work that would otherwise be a family heirloom. With our
services, you can limit the copies printed to just enough to give to the individuals or libraries
that would directly benefit from the publication. The digital file of your book is kept in
electronic storage, so additional copies are always available, even if needed one at a time.

Authors Wanting to Reprint Existing Works
You may have run out of copies of your work and need to reprint, but would prefer not to
have to inventory thousands of copies just to get a reasonable cost per copy. With our print-
on-demand services, there's no need to let your cherished work slide into the past.

Organizations Publishing Books as a Fundraising Event
Thousands of organizations fund their activities by self-publishing cookbooks and local
history books. The most prohibitive factor in running this type of fundraising event is the
possibility that all the profits will be tied up in unsold copies. We eliminate this problem
completely by using high-quality, print-on-demand services to manufacture only the copies
needed to fill orders. Every single book the organization sells creates value.

Supplemental Educational or Motivational Materials
Many consultants and educators sell books at seminars as an added value item. The typical
seminar is rarely long enough to do more than outline concepts. Self-publishing a book
detailing your ideas can further improve the participants experience and increase the
author's net proceeds. With Westview Publishing, you can have just enough books printed
for the current seminar, avoiding the need to inventory thousands of books.

Authors Whose Books Are Out-of-Print
Resurrecting a once popular title can feel as impossible as raising the Titanic. We can make
that process smooth, easy and cost-effective.

Authors of Children’s Books
Color printing of low page count books can be very expensive in quantities under 1,000.
With our new print-on-demand options, it is possible to print only a few hundred copies at a
very reasonable cost per copy.

Authors Needing Pre-release Copies
It is sometimes necessary for an author to develop a pre-release edition of their book for use in
marketing and for review solicitation. With no minimum order size, print-on-demand is the
perfect solution.

The bottom line? If you are an author and are writing a book, we can help you with
publishing and selling your creative accomplishment. Call us at (615) 646-6131 for more
information or contact us online by filling out our request for more information.

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