Praises for Published by Westview, Inc.

"Dear Mary Catharine:
   The Ladies of Centennial Club went  'round and 'round with their
history book for about six years. Then they met you. The book was on
the shelf within weeks of that fateful meeting.
   You are not a miracle worker. Rather, you are a professional publisher with a captivating
charm; you put a simple spin on details that befuddle us wannabe editors. You are a patient
expert - the very best kind of person to deal with when you're way out of your league.
   Thank you, thank you. Spending  the summer with you was not my first choice, but in
retrospect I know the time could not have been better spent.  I am proud of our
accomplishment, and indebted to you for making it a possibility. Maybe you ARE a miracle
   I miss seeing you and talking with you. When I recoup some of my time, I plan to dream up
another project involving you. We had too much fun!
   Most sincerely, Gardner O. Smith"
      Gardner Smith, editor of The Centennial Club of Nashville, 1977-2011

"Working with Published by Westview, Inc., has been a truly wonderful experience! From my
first tentative email query to the delivery of my wonderful first book, it has been a joy to work
with and to learn from the incredibly talented team of Mary Catharine Nelson and Paula
Underwood. Having one's book turn from a Word document into a beautifully bound creation
is no easy feat, but these ladies held my hand every step of the way and I could not be any
more happy with the finished product. Thanks!"
                                                                                        Ginger Manley, editor,
Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection

"In case anyone ever asks you why they should select Westview as their publisher-of-choice,
over a plethora of publishers vying for their business, please relay the following - based on my
experience.  When you select a publisher you will usually receive a
multi-digit client number to
use whenever contacting said publisher.  This is only after you pay their up-front publishing
fee.  At Westview you will receive a
single-digit number even before you pay any fee.  That
number will be #1 - and you will continue to be #1 during the entire publishing process.  To be
a client of Published by Westview is, in my opinion, a privilege.  Sincerely, Recently Published
                                                                                                   Russ Vahlbusch
      author of
Don't Give Up-Give Back: Remembering Pat Heenan

"I want to add my voice to his in praising you for utterly superb customer service.  You not
only took fine care of every detail, and answered every question, you did so with wit, and you
showed in every communication that you valued both him and his project."
                                                                                 Jefford Vahlbusch, Ph.D.
                                                                      Associate Professor of German
                                                         Director, University Honors Program
                                                            University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

"I really can't thank you enough for your kindness, helpfulness, and expertise.  I do feel you
have gone over and beyond the call of duty.   Forever grateful,"
                                           Linda F. Bass, author of Twilight Reflections

"Thank you for all your help in publishing my first book as I stumbled through the process.  
Both of you have worked endlessly and patiently with me and my manuscript until we have a
finished product.  Again, thank you so much for your help and going beyond the call of duty to
reach my goal.  Opportunities are opening now for me to present the book to churches and
bookstores.  I will be in touch but just wanted to let you know how grateful I was for your  
help! "
Jim Rawlins, Author of  The Kingdom Yesterday, Today and Forever

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude and appreciation to the
Westview team of professionals for their expert and personal assistance provided from the
moment of contact to final printing and sale of my book CODE RED. Westview’s assistance and
communication was constant during the entire process and most reassuring to know they took
a vested interest in the success of my book CODE RED. I actually developed a close friendship
with those Westview staff assisting in the publication process.

I would strongly recommend anyone interested in publishing utilize Westview, My experiences
were nothing but positive from beginning to end. Thank you Westview."
Patrick Bryan McFadden, Author of  CODE RED: Diary of a Nation Scorned

"Westview's talents for bringing together a dream exceeded all expectations! Insightful,
honest, competent, and professional...absolutely the best!"
                                                               William Beck, Author of H.A.A.R.P.'s Fury

"Westview Publishing was an answer to a 20-year hope. In 1984, a publisher needed to be
found for my daughter's legacy. Finally in August 2004 I put my hand on Westview News, one
of Nashville's community newspapers. I'd never seen it. That very issue announced that
Westview was adding book publishing that anyone could afford.

From my first call, there was a warm and personal response. An editor was excited about my
manuscript, gave helpful critique, spent hours to make sure I'd be happy with the results. We
waded through tons of pictures which he scanned and cropped; then designed the cover in the
most perfect way to accent my book.
Westview didn't stop with the book's publication. They did the work of registering it with the
Library of Congress, sent review copies for advertisement, set up wonderful book signing
events, and gave me beautiful postcards and bookmarks with the cover picture.

I am honored to recommend Westview Publishing to every author who wants their books in
print without spending a mint. You will receive great service."
Phyllis Jean Flowers, Compiler of A Blur of Mass Motion by Erin Flowers

”Thank you for helping make a dream come true.”
Una Marie Alderman, Author of INTEGRITY: A Military Perspective

"My wife and I had worked on my book for almost two years and were about ready to have it
published. We had gotten several estimates from a variety of publishers around the country .
We found them to be a little slow about answering our mail and their prices seemed to be a
little out of our range with our retirement income. We had lots of questions that could not be
immediately answered because of the slow pace of communication in the mail system.

Our daughter, an avid Westview Newspaper reader, brought us a copy that had an ad for their
newly established publishing company. We contacted immediately and they referred us to …
Mr. Hugh Daniel who was very encouraging . We could hardly believe that we had found a
local, hands on publisher that would be available to promptly answer all our questions . He
quoted us a price better then any that we had heard of from other publishers.

We signed a contract and Mr. Daniel went to work on our book. He designed a very attractive
book cover that had appeal to all our family and friends. He then went to work teaching us
how to promote the book . It was published right on time as promised, at a price we could
afford. They have continued to aggressively promote the book and sales have been better then
we expected. I would recommend the Westview Publishers to anyone who is looking for a first
class book at an affordable price."
                     Jack Stone, Author of Pastor Jack's Real Life and Conflicts

"Westview Publishing Co. published my book in the fall of 2003 at the request of Sid Millson,
my son-in-law. There was a book signing at Bellevue Mall which was so well done and such a
nice experience for me. Westview Publishing Co (Hugh Daniel, Editor ) was so kind and helpful
to both Sid and me, the author, in the publishing and marketing of my book. It has been such a
pleasant experience working with them. I would highly recommend Westview Publishing Co.
for anyone interested in having a book published."
Lois Everly, Author of Two Furnished Rooms and a Little Back Porch

"I was very pleased and satisfied to have my book, Nashville Nostalgia, published by
Westview Publishing, Inc. in Nashville. I found the company to be quite efficient. Ther
personnel worked with me tending to small details, taking pains in formulating a nice book
cover, placing pictures artistically, allowing me to proof read the copy, and producing what I
feel is a very nice product."
                                                    E.D. Thompson, Author of Nashville Nostalgia

"When I was searching for a publisher for a genealogy, I spoke with many national publishing
companies. The minimum order with one of those companies was fifty books. Most
genealogies are self-published with the author paying all the costs. The average estimate that I
received was $2000, a big investment for a first time author with a limited projected audience.

Westview Publishing was a great solution. Not only did they help with formatting and text
preparation; they also advertised and provided a means to distribute the book. All this was
accomplished very quickly and at about a third of the cost compared to the other companies.

What made the service even more enticing was the print on demand ability. No more having a
stack of books in my office that I had to mail out with each order. The orders were placed
through Westview Publishing's online service and shipped as they were printed. Not only was I
satisfied; the customer got their book within a week or two. I’m so satisfied that I’m currently
working on a second edition and a new genealogy to be published at Westview Publishing."
Merry Anne Pierson, Author of The Descendants of Lawrence Pearson

"The book looks terrific! Thanks to you and Westview Publishing for bringing it to life."
                                                                 Maurice R. Fliess, Author of Love Letters

"Paula and Staff, Thanks for everything.  You all have been so nice.  Because of you I was able
to publish my first book.  I also wish you luck in all you do!  Sincerely,"
                                                        Mitzi McCartha, Author of Bead Java
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