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About The Justicizer
          ISBN: 978-0-9816172-9-9
          288 pages, Perfect bound
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Lee Mort, a Special Forces Sergeant, facing certain death in a battle
with drug militia in a South American jungle, asks for Divine help,
promising a lifetime of service if saved. He escapes, leaves the
army, finishes college and selects the police force of a large
southern U.S. city in which to meet his vow. He ends up in
homicide, where in each case he first decides who is innocent and
who is guilty, and then works as hard to clear the former as he
does to nail the latter, hence his nickname, The Justicizer. Retired
on disability from gunshot wounds, he continues to assist the
police, wanted or not, operating outside the law as well as inside it.
His current activities include: rescuing kidnap victims, solving high
profile murders, shootouts with hijackers, coping with gangs in a
drug war and hit teams sent after him by an unknown enemy. His
paramour, a half-Cherokee ER doctor, keeps urging him to really
retire. However, she is also a crack shot and after Lee is wounded
when the hit team source finally comes after him, she stars in the
resulting gun battle. Lee is dumbfounded when the identity of the hit
team source is revealed.