Addendum 3

Publishing Guidelines

When Published by Westview begins to work with you on your book, we will be your
partners in advice regarding preparation of your manuscript for print-on-demand
publication. If you are currently preparing your manuscript for publishing, the following
guidelines will hold true for any book you want to have published.

Basic Guidelines for Any Digital Manuscript

1. The manuscript should already be typed into a word processor. We can work with
a number of different applications, but we prefer to use Microsoft Word. If the
work is currently typed on paper, we can arrange for a typist's services at
additional cost.

2. All proofreading of your book should be complete. You should be absolutely
certain that all spelling, punctuation, annotation and writing are in the final

3. All photos and illustrations must be in a digital file format (either jpg or
tif), unless prior arrangement for scanning has been made. The most appropriate
file format is .tif, with a resolution of at least 300 dpi, since most other
image formats lose quality as they are saved to disk.

4. If you are double-spacing your manuscript for any reason, DO NOT use a carriage
return (or press enter) at the end of each line. The only time return should be
used is at the end of each paragraph. To double space, simply select text and
format the line spacing at “double.”
5. Do not complete an index of your book until we have completed formatting and
have provided an Author's proof. This will prevent duplication of effort
because after the layout is completed you will have to rework the page numbers.

6. Always eliminate any custom formatting from your word processing file.

7. NEVER manually hyphenate your words to make them fit on a line. This will cause
problems when the file is formatted for printing. The hyphenation invariably
winds up in the middle of a line.

8. NEVER use spaces to indent a paragraph – use the tab key only.

9. NEVER use a hard carriage return in the middle of a paragraph to make a line
space out correctly on your computer. Once again, you can be certain that it
will not be in the right position once the file is formatted for printing.

10. If pictures are being submitted for scanning, always give the publisher the
original (make a copy for your records first). They will be carefully taken
care of and returned to you upon completion. Photocopies of photos will simply
not be of high enough quality to include in your work.

11. Always provide a list of typefaces that were used in your document. In
manuscripts where the existing format must be retained (genealogies, technical
manuals), font specifics are necessary to prevent an undesirable reflow.

Published by Westview Requirements
1. A signed contract and all fees must be received before any work is begun by
Published by Westview.

2. Published by Westview retains the right to decline to work with any submitted

3. When the work has been successfully printed, PUBLISHER will send one advance
copy to the AUTHOR for a final approval. A copy of the AUTHOR's Final Approval,
Release and Return Policy MUST be signed and received by the PUBLISHER before
orders can be processed.

These guidelines apply to every submission. However, each book is different with
its very own special characteristics. We look forward to helping you prepare your
material for publication!

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