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The Westview Authors
To find works of Fiction, Mystery, Poetry, and Romance
by Westview Authors, please click on the links below.

A Blur of Mass Motion by Erin and P.J. Flowers

The Albermarle Quest by Ursula P. Spence

America Now: Poems, Prayers and Stories by
Gregor Southard

Anderson's Bottom by John C. Phillips

As Soft As Cotton by J. Carter-Ball

Beyond What You See: Words of Inspiration by Elvis Ngyia

Bushpig by Carol Preston

Disciple's Curse by
Ashton Lackey

The Doctor's Building by Robert Hendrick

Escape from Hungary by Al Feher

The Final Battle by Randy Moore

From One Muse to Another by Thomas C. Jackson

Gathered Blooms by Deborah Khayat

Heroism of Hope for Africa: Patriotic Poems on the Dawn of a New Era by
Smithson Buchi Ahiabuike

A Horse Named Cracker Jack by Paul Merritt

The House on the Rim and Other Stories by Helen Raynes Staley

How Can You Mend This Purple Heart by T. L. Gould

"It's All About You, Lord" by Wayne Irwin

It Was All About Sects by Stanley E. Hime

Journey Through the Bittersweet by
Danna J. Gordon

The Justicizer by Bob McIlwain

Mayberry Reflections: The Early Years by Ken Anderson

Music in the Wind by Jettie Manning McWilliams

The Myth of the Morning Star by
Gregor Southard

Poncomma by Len Alberstadt

Rare Gold by
Ashton Lackey

Reflections: Poems of Dreams and Betrayals by Adebayo Oyebade

Rhapsodies from the Bittersweet by
Danna J. Gordon

Ripples on the St. John's by L. Pate Jackson

The Shoe Box by Ruth Ann Gregory

Two Spirits Here by Louise Strang

Spoken Music: The Poetry of Nashville and Middle Tennessee
An Anthology Edited by Tracy Lucas and Paula Underwood Winters

Storms by Reba Stanley

To Trap a Savage by Dixon Green

Twilight Reflections by Jane F. Bass

Walking Blind by Jamie Menzie
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